First launched in 1974 by Max Factor with an advertising campaign fronted by the Belgian-born American fashion designer and former Princess, Diane von Fürstenberg, listed in 2014 as the 68th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. A multi-floral top peels back to reveal leather and woods but keeps the floral dancing along the edges forever. A scent tailored to uniquely reflect feminine strength and ambition




Moon Drops

First launched in 1970 by Revlon with a campaign featuring fashion model and actress Evelyn Kühn This is a bold statement fragrance of sharp muguet and ylang ylang exuding from a base of balsamic and woods. Entwining floral notes of jasmine and sing amongst undertones of honeyed ripe fruit. Turn heads as you enter a room



Vanilla Fields


Delicious top notes of  warm vanilla with hints of floral, musk and bergamot envelope the senses.

 The jasmine,  ylang ylang and geranium heart mellows and deepens into a  subtle base of woods, patchouli and musk with the Jasmine and Vanilla still shining through.

 It should be in every woman's perfume collection. It makes you smell so delicious!



First launched in 1984 by Houbigant, then Dana, Lutece was created for the sophisticated, fashion-forward woman to ignite the feeling of romance, inspired by the French city of love. She seeks out luxuries that offer more. Lutece is an opulent concept in sapphire and gold. A luxurious oriental, floral fragrance. This scent possesses a blend of sparkling and seductive mandarin, peony and rose




First launched in 1982 by Houbigant, (then Dana) with campaigns fronted by Vogue Model Leticia Lucas and subsequently Vogue and Ralph Lauren model Elaine Irwin (then wife of rock star John Mellencamp ) this is a fragrance that contains the secrets of the world’s most romantic city… Paris. Fragrant orange flowers blended with sweet spices define a scent that combines the delight of a sidewalk café with the perfection of the Eiffel Tower